Converting vacant buildings into exciting exhibition spaces: This time it’s the Waterlooplein. Nestled in the industrial complex next to the Rembrandts museum seven artists Mark Bain (USA), Lawrence Bailey (GB), Melanie Bosboom (NL), Pieter Lemmens (NL), David Lindberg (USA), David Maroto (SP) and Maria Zervou (GR) combine video, painting, slides, photography, sculpture, light & sound, and everything in-between, dragging us into each and every corner of the building.
David Maroto (SP – 1976) – Meccano is a work in progress made ofhundreds of multi-colored, little plastic pieces cut out from wastedplastic bottles and jerry cans. Each year a new work is built inanother city by assembling the pieces in a site specific installation.When Meccano is shown in public it is complemented with images ofprevious configurations. At the end of the exhibition the work isdismantled and the pieces are returned to the box. Only photographicdocumentation remains after each transformation. The playful conceptualwork of Maroto draws richly from literary sources, His work takes theform of a visual narrative and often has a strong reference to circleforms, suggesting an certain endlessness.
David Maroto (SP – 1976) - Disillusion

Maroto's work also incorporates a social aspect which may include collaboration to build up the installation, interaction with the surrounding community, or engaging the viewers in a playful game. Suchis the case in the work Disillusion. A board game for two in which each player must develop a tactical plan to outwit their opponent, only tofind that the closer they are to wining, the greater the risk of losing the game. The accompanying set of rules in the form of a catalogue reveals the artistic premises on which it is based and forms a bridge between the art and gaming worlds.
Impressions from David Lindberg Industrial Flower

David Lindberg(USA – 1964) The sculptural work of David Lindberg included in theexhibition is built up by combining used packaging materials andcoating them with a layer of epoxy. The piece Untitled 2008 seems to have nestled itself into the concrete architecture, coming to bloomlike a flower on a rubbish pile. Closer examination by the viewer however, will be rewarded with an interior panorama revealing antique postcards and textual references to another space and time. The look and feel of the material in his work plays a significant role. How much of what to use and where to put it. His use of found materials callsour attention to banal everyday objects and packaging. Could this be a reference to societies growing concern with durability and the cradle to cradle concept? Either way it seems clear his work of David Lindberg strives to find a poetic balance between two and three dimensional objects, between material, space & form and between beauty and decadence.
Impressions from Maria Zervou - The Hunting

Maria Zervou (GR 1976) – The most recent video by Maria Zervou, The Hunting 2008, focuses in on the life cycle. She has created a secluded viewing room in the space where the visual and audio habitat of the grub, the pupae and the butterfly can fully be experienced. The first scene commences
with a close up shot of a colourful pupae, within which a budding butterfly prepares to emerge. Shedding its cocoon, the butterfly embarks on a new phase of its life, spreading its wings to explore the world from an aerial perspective. Seemingly unaware of the approaching woman; dressed in a designer dress and toting a rifle, the women subtly references the male - female roles in society, the ongoing hunt, and the imminent end of the cycle. The accompanying catalogue is filled with the outstanding drawings highlighting various aspects of the film and offering a glimpse of her skilfull drawing abilities. In this work her ideas of metamorphosis, come fully into play.
Impressions from Mark Bain self Amplifier

Mark Bain (USA – 1966) Multi sound media artist Mark Bain created a site specific work Self Amphlifier 2008 for the in between exhibition. This relatively small work overtakes the entire inner arena in the exhibition space. The work consists of an amplifier, positioned on a chair, which is wrapped with electromagnetic wire. This work picks up signals, converting them in sounds which then golf throughout the exhibition space, engaging the viewer in a multi sensory experience. Combining audible and inaudible sound frequencies with visual elements he stimulates the sensory perception of anyone entering his invisible arena. Mark Bain uses sounds as a sort of invisible material which infiltrates public space and the personal domain of the viewer. He ultimately liberates the perception of space from the dominant form, namely observation.
Impressions from Pieter Lemmens Masterpiece

Pieter Lemmens (NL - 1965) – The recent body of work by Pieter Lemmens Masterpieces 2008 gives an artists impression of the concerns and difficulties one encounters in creating artwork. He addresses the issue of a contemporary Masterpiece with a touch of humour and a dose of seriousness. Using text as image his works are comprised of handwritten texts on a large canvas. Text clearly plays an important role in his work, yet the materiality assumes a prominent role. Alternating layers of text, ink and epoxy combine to create a sublime, polished yet transparent surface, while at the same time revealing the underlying conceptual ideas influencing his work. The canvases work both ‘a once’ creating a picture, as well as layered, revealing the constituent parts. Lemmens challenges the viewer while at the same time teasing and inviting the viewer to read the unique texts made in a highly unusual and personal letter type. Somewhere between text and image, is exactly the place where Lemmens likes to take his viewers.
Impressions from Melanie Bosboom

Melanie Bosboom ( NL 1975) For the exhibition In between, Melanie Bosboom exhibits a selection of photographs in which she investigates identity and gender ambiguity. In her photographs, Bosboom plays a role assuming multiple- identities in unusual circumstances. Her characters have a quality which is both masculine and feminine. This duality, combined with an unusual contextual setting, leave the viewer perplexed. What is the relationship between the individual and their surroundings? How do the two interact? In the past Bosboom has exhibited sculptures and photographs together. For this installation, she plays with the architectural aspects of the location which serves to add a sculptural dimension to her photographs.
Lawrence Bailey (UK 1976) – The work Hippos in de Ij (2008) is a series of slide images of hand sculptured prehistoric and primordial life forms taped to the inside of a window demarking the line between his atelier and the outside world. Scenes from the distant past are restaged and played out over views of contemporary Amsterdam scenes. The compositions utilise various means of disorientation: back- and foregrounds merge; depictions of the distant past and present are forced together, private space and activity (the inside of the studio) collide with public space (the street outside). The arbitrary order in which the slides have been arranged and the accompanying audio track mixing background sounds from in- and outside the studio serve to add an element of time to the work. In such a way to blur the boundaries between inside and outside, now and then drawing the viewer into a place where quirkiness and melancholy collide in a peaceful world of their own.