Safe magazine, Robeco group February 2009

Money helps

‘Service is an Art’ exclaimed Donna Wolf when she gave up her top job to help artists with their administration. DéisKa, a growing and blossoming art fund is the result.

Donna Wolf uses her brains and follows her heart. In 2001 she gave up her position as CFO of a multinational, and together with a like minded lawyer, founded a independent consultancy practice. As an American economist, it struck her that the Dutch cultural and commercial sectors almost seemed to be one another’s rivals. Whereas Wolf is more inclined to combine creative and commercial ideas. To her, the two are complementary forces which when combined serve to strengthen one another. She wanted to help emerging artists with practical things like administration and accounting, finding a studio and organising exhibitions while at the same time creating a stir in the world of collectors and art lovers. ‘Follow your Art’, become the payoff.
Donna Wolf used her business sense in combination with her unique talent to enable passion, practical insight and personal warmth to work together. While studying economics in Berlin she investigated a special local economy: the trade relationship between East Germans – looking for goods- and West Germans – in search of services. Wouldn’t this type of barter be possible here too? She allows her emerging artists to pay with Artwork. Quality Artwork that is. The art will increase in value – certainly if you ensure that the artists receive recognition, and they develop their network and use this positive stimulus to continually increase the quality of their artwork. For this reason only very carefully selected artists are chosen for participation in DéisKa. Wolf surrounded herself a unique group of experts and collectors of contemporary art. DéisKa is also an Art fund. Individuals and companies can become silent partners through a contribution of € 15.000. Half shares are available and payment in instalments over five years is also possible. The contributions from investors are used to acquire artworks from the selected artists; increasing the art collection. Currently the collection comprises 200 artworks that continue to increase in value. Once every five years the investors have an opportunity for an exit. Are we taking about art lovers, or a group of people who smell profits? Both of course. And Donna wouldn’t be Donna if she didn’t make a nice club out of it at the same time. During the exhibitions and dinners, the members have an opportunity to make a personal selection from the collection, for a temporary exhibition - in their own home. Her talent to bring together people, activity, money and emotion by combining them into a dynamic whole, has led to the formation of a circle of art lovers that continues to grow in size and enthusiasm. For art and artists, for togetherness, mutual support and establishing a network of contacts. ‘Each and every element of the concept is interrelated and falls into place,’ she acknowledges with contentment.

Jacqueline Volenhoven