Splendor inside the Walls

Adriaans’combs and investigates, you could even say infiltrates, his selectedlocations in search of profound angles and unusual points ofperspective. The photographs zoom in, they seem to be imbedded in thespace from which they have been taken. Though nothing is quite as itseems for we are confronted with interiors with a twist. Thesevoyeuristic shots expose a deeper layer, the underlying personality ofthe vacated structures and spaces. They are devoid of people, yetpregnant with a sense of their presence. Adriaans’ photographic sitesare tinged with a sense of a past functionality, the latent energyimparted in the space dooms up in the foreground as if to say, I maylook abandoned, even desolate, but am full of potential. This isrevealed in the suspense of the moment captured in the work.
The Executives Teeth are Slightly Stained (2007)

Photograph 100 x 122 cm

In The Executive’s teeth are slightly Stained I (2007) we see a corner shot of an industrial interior with a stainless steel elevator. Artificial TL lights are captured in the reflection of the black marble tiles which line the walls. We might expect a polished marble floor to complete this otherwise richly furbished lobby, but instead our gaze rests on a tile floor which has been covered with aluminium foil, exacerbating the multitude of reflections. The endless set of reflections of lights on the black marble walls create a sense of infinity, mirroring the repetitive opening and closing of the elevator doors.

Ultra Bright, Close to Deaf, (2008)

Photograph 138 x 153 cm

In Ultra Bright, Close to being Deaf (2008) we are confronted with a surreal setting. The white waiting room is illuminated by an almost divine light, broken only by the curvilinear white forms redefining the right wall. With this subtle intervention, Adriaans alters the space, leaving it empty, yet full of suspense. Who would dare to take a seat on the hovering bench in this pristine room where time seems to be measured by the rotations of the suspended ventilator above?

The Stacking Man has never been Homeless (2006)

Lightbox (100 x 124 cm)

Jan Built a wall of used, but functioning refrigerators in a large empty factory. Their light and cooling elements infiltrate the space; giving it a new functionality. These once fully funtional refrigerators can be seen as objects which have been discarded despite their residual value, much like many household appliances who once served a vital role in the consumer society. The original installation lives on in the form of a light box.