DéisKa & de Verzameling is a unique art fund. This collection of contemporary art, comprised of more than 200 artworks from 35 young talented artists, is being created by a group of private individuals who appreciate art. The success of the fund is built on two key components: the selection of artists by experts incontemporary art and the interaction between investors and artists. At Déiska & de Verzameling, art lovers and artists meet.

The name DéisKa, stands for the concept Service is an Art. Déiska provides carefully selected artists with business services and support in exchange for artwork. The services include accounting and administration, legal support and atelier and studio space to work in. In short the building blocks that artists needs to develop their artistic practice. The artwork given in exchange is brought together to form the Déiska collection. It is owned and lent out to the investors of the funds creating exhibitions in private homes through out the country.

As an investor in the fund you enjoy a number of advantages: become co owner of the entire art collection, have the right to display artwork from the collection in your home or office, and enjoy attractive fiscal benefits. In addition investors receive invitations to all events organized through Déiska. Déiska & de Verzameling specifically addresses the needs and desires of art lovers who want to know more about contemporary art and its creators. Participation in the art fund can be a first step into the world of collecting contemporary art and the start of your own art collection. You can join us, participation in the fund is possible starting from €150,- per month.